K Side Story Collection: No.6 Awashima Seri by Furuhashi Hideyuki

Seri’s day off.


Side story collection: No.6 Awashima Seri

She wakes up at 9 in the morning.

No special plans await her today.

After late breakfast, she leaves her quarters.

She goes shopping with no real objective and ends up buying a fresh supply of darjeeling tea and one more thing (which will be mentioned later).

She returns home at dusk.

Since some time ago, she started feeling uncomfortable in civilian clothes. Next time, she will try to wear shoes with heels of the same height as her uniform boots, she decides.

She takes her time and takes a long bath (with different bath salts this time; the change feels good). After stretching a little, she makes herself tea with milk and sits down on a chair.

The thing she bought earlier today turns out to be reading glasses. She tried to choose the frame with design similar to the glasses one of her acquaintances wears.

She puts on the glasses and opens a half-read book. It’s one of those corny novels that have been all the rage lately, but she wonders what ‘he’ would think of this story. Would he laugh wryly at the foolish man and woman who passed each other by? Or would he be unexpectedly confused?

As she imagines what he would look like like that, unknown to her, the corners of her mouth raise up in a smile.

She has an early morning tomorrow, but she still plans to stay up late tonight.