K Stories Index

My slight OCD demands me to make something like an index of what GoRa have written so far for K Universe. (This post is updated from time to time to add links and keep the list up to date)


  • K Side: Blue by Furuhashi Hideyuki
  • K Side: Red by Raikaku Rei
  • K Side: Black&White by Miyazawa Tatsuki

K on the Side (side stories to the novels)

  • 「クロと善条」 (Kuro and Zenjou) by Furuhashi Hideyuki - to K Side: Blue
  • 「新生活」 (A New Life) by Raikaku Rei - to K Side: Red
  • 「逃亡中」 (On the Run) by Miyazawa Tatsuki - to K Side: Black&White (also serves as a prologue to it)

K on the Side 2

  • 「分かれ道」 (A Fork in the Road) by Miyazawa Tatsuki (also included in the official guide book)

Character Side Story Collection

  • No.1 Yatogami Kuroh by Miyazawa Tatsuki
  • No.2 Kusanagi Izumo by Azano Kouhei
  • No.3 Yata Misaki by Takahashi Yashichirou

Guide Book Short Story Collection

  • Vol.3 「王国」 (Kingdom) by Raikaku Rei
  • Vol.5 「そらのくじら」 (Sky Whale) by Furuhashi Hideyuki

Premuim Short Story Collection

  • 「スウィート・バレンタイ」 (Sweet Valentine) by Furuhashi Hideyuki
  • 「クリスマス1944」 (Christmas 1944) by Takahashi Yashichirou