K Guide Book, vol.1 Small World by Kabei Yukako

This one is so short that I simply forgot about its existence till now…

Small World by Kabei Yukako

"Maybe the world will do me a favor and end tomorrow…?" two voices muttered in unintentional unison.

Yata Misaki blinked and raised his head. Fushimi Saruhiko also blinked behind the black-framed glasses . Looking at one another, the two broadly grinned at each other.

Yata, arms on the back of his chair, slurped packeted juice, facing Fushimi, and Fushimi, arms on his desk, chin on his hand, was tapping the sceen of his PDA. The scene was nothing unusual during breaks.

"For example, maybe aliens from space will start invasion of the Earth", Yata began, and Fushimi picked up, making stating another posibility with a scornful face, "Or maybe a biological weapon abandoned during war will evolve".

Yata leaned forward towards his desk, his competitive spirit flaring. “The army from the robot empire will emerge out of the depths of the earth and launch an attack!”

"A bug in the climate ordnance system will cause a cataclysm on the Earth and—"

Just then, one of their classmates that were fooling around in the classroom came crashing into his desk backside first. Fushimi’s hand slipped, and he clicked his tongue in annoyance.

With a deafening racket the classmate plunged right back into mope baseball (a type of baseball played with a mope and a dustcloth”.

"Get lost! Stop that stupidity! What you are, little kids or something?!" Yata shouted.

"I-I’m sorry, Yata-kun", the classmate apologized with an uneasy smile and, returning back to his friends, added, "Like you didn’t play it yourself before. Party-pooper".

Yata recalled that when he invited him to participate in mope baseball, the boy declined the offer - with a face that clearly said ‘What the hell are you doing when you’re a middle school student already?’ no less. Don’t get hooked after that, dammit… Yata snorted.

Before long, though, he collected himself and asked Fushimi, “What’s climate ordnance?”

According to Fushimi, it was a thing that, if used, could easily manipulate the climate around the globe. In other words, that thing was supposed to be so potent that it could be a means to get control of the whole planet.

Yata was raptly listening to Fushimi’s voice before he even knew. “Alright! Let’s hijack it and conquer the world! Holding the whole damn Earth hostage is gonna be totally awesome and cool!”

Watching as if in wonder Yata say that with shining eyes, Fushimi commented, “Are you stupid or something?” and turned away, resuming his posture with his chin resting on his hand. But despite taking that kind of attitude, Fushimi actually gave the idea and possible ways of turning it into reality a thought. Yata knew that and couldn’t hold back a grin.

In the classroom so boring that nothing would be lost if the world ended tomorrow, the two discussed with all seriousness possible ways for them to obtain power and to get back at the world. Yata had a feeling that as long as Fushimi was with him, they could really make some ‘awesome things’ happen.